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The Blue Cruise Lifestyle

Groups of up to twelve can choose one of our three gulets, a traditional style of yacht from Turkey, and set off for the Blue Cruise.

With cloudless skies and tranquil seas guaranteed, you may find that swimming and sunbathing in the secluded bays where we stop is all the activity you need. The region has much more to offer, however, from shopping in the bazaar of a bustling market town to climbing in the hills among olive trees and herds of goats. Get up close to the ruins of ancient cities and monuments, including the famous Sunken City, or simply watch them go past from the sun deck. At the end of the day, however you choose to spend it, the gulet will be waiting in the harbour to offer you a hot meal and a comfortable bed.

Meals are included, with alcoholic drinks an extra. If you have dietary requirements such as vegetarian, kosher, or gluten-free, we will be happy to accommodate you but will require advance notice so we can plan a menu and purchase supplies.

We are happy to tailor the tour to your particular interests. Otherwise, let us pick an itinerary and show you the best this area has to offer.

On a typical day, we’ll make two or three stops at different places of interest, mooring at the last of these overnight. The morning begins with a leisurely Turkish breakfast on board the gulet, prepared and served by our crew. It’s already warm enough to be out on deck, relaxing on the sun mattresses or photographing the passing scenery. Fishing rods are supplied if you’d like to try and catch a contribution to the evening meal. Keep an eye out for flying fish, or even dolphins, in our wake.

Sometimes we may put to sea as early as five in the morning, in order to navigate open water or to reach our first destination of the day in good time. You are welcome on deck to watch the scenery go by and catch the sunrise, but if you prefer to sleep through it you probably won’t even notice we are under way.

We’re spoiled for choice in this part of the world, with secluded bays nestled among rolling hills or craggy cliffs. The lunch stop is usually somewhere you can swim and sunbathe while we prepare your meal, and relax afterwards. The air conditioning is turned on for a couple of hours in the early afternoon, for customers who wish to take a nap in their cabins.

After a traditional Turkish lunch, perhaps of manti, filled pasta in a yoghurt sauce, or sarma, vine leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables, we’ll move on.

Our destinations range from the busy to the uninhabited. Harbour towns and picturesque villages bring the opportunity to shop for souvenirs, visit museums and attractions, or soak up local colour from a cafe.


At some locations, sports and activities are available. Ask the captain in advance and he can arrange for you to try scuba diving, parascending, paragliding and many more. There may be guided tours of historic sites, but most of the time you are free to wander these alone but for the occasional lizard or tortoise.


For those who prefer to stay near the gulet, light refreshments of fruit and Turkish tea will be available. Snorkelling equipment, a sea kayak and our small tender boat are all available for your pleasure. Why not try bobbing along behind the tender in a water ring?

Tubing behind the tender

An evening drink on deck as the sun goes down is the perfect way to unwind before the evening meal. Typically, there will be a starter of salad and a selection of meze appetiser dishes, followed by a main course of grilled meat or fish. Perhaps a fish you caught will be the star of the dinner table one evening?

After dessert and coffee, feel free to relax with a drink and listen to our music collection, or hook up your MP3 player to the sound system. If we’re moored in a harbour, you might like to stroll into town and experience the nightlife. In Gokkaya, there’s even an island bar reachable only by boat. Most nights, however, we’ll have a peaceful bay all to ourselves. Chat with the other guests, make plans for the next day, or just go up on deck and listen to the stillness all around. The gulet is designed so you won’t disturb anyone who’s already gone to bed.