Seven days between Fethiye and Marmaris

A seven day round trip cruise from Fethiye to Marmaris and back showcases all that’s best about this part of Turkey: magnificent views, historic sites and clean, warm seas. There will be lazy days and busy days, days for shopping, for sightseeing, for sunbathing and stargazing. The itinerary below describes a typical round trip, but of course this cruise can also be made as a one-way trip, taking in the same sights at a more leisurely pace; or in reverse, starting and finishing in Marmaris. As always, your own tour will be customised to suit your needs.

Depart from Fethiye

At the start of your cruise, take time to explore the busy streets and bazaar of Fethiye before boarding our gulet, berthed in the town’s natural harbour, for your first night.

Tersane and Yassıca Islands, Cleopatra Bay

Next morning we’ll have breakfast before getting under way to Tersane Island. A shipyard in the time of the Ottoman Empire, it’s now the perfect place for snorkelling. After lunch we’ll move on to the broad sands and pine forests of the Yassıca Islands, before settling in Cleopatra’s Bay for the night. Swim or snorkel among ancient, sunken ruins, including a bath house said to have been used by Cleopatra herself.


There’s a long journey ahead on Day 3, but you’re welcome to sleep through it all as we travel to beautiful Ekincik, setting off at five AM and arriving just in time for breakfast. We’ll be spending the whole day in this unspoiled area, and mooring nearby for the night. You might like to hire one of the local boats, called piyade, to explore the Dalyan river: Turtle Beach, named for the loggerhead turtles which breed there, the ancient Lycian rock tombs, and finally the hot spring and mud bath to soothe your muscles after all that rowing.

Yıldız peninsula, Marmaris

On Day Four we’ll work our way around the Yıldız peninsula with its many inlets and swimming spots. In the afternoon we’ll reach the town of Marmaris, our overnight stop. Here you might choose to shop, swim or visit the old castle, now a museum clad in a riot of flowers, with its panoramic views over the town and the bay. If you’re not ready for the day to end after the sun goes down, check out the town’s vibrant club scene and maybe spot some of the rich and famous faces who berth their yachts here.

Ağ Limanı, Binlik

After an action-packed 48 hours, Day 5 has a more relaxed feel. Enjoy the views and the sea breezes as we cruise to peaceful Ağ Limanı for lunch and swimming, then on to Binlik for the night. This secluded bay is quiet enough for you to sleep undisturbed in the open air, on the sun deck.

Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi

Boynuz Bükü, our lunch stop on Day 6, gives you a taste of Turkish tradition. Watch your step on the wooden jetty as you disembark to eat at the family-run restaurant with its wood-fired stone oven. At Bedri Rahmi, named after the Turkish writer and artist who first popularised tourism in this area, you can swim or sunbathe before turning in for the night.

Turunç, Fethiye

We’ve saved the best for last on this tour. Turunc, nestled in a secluded cove against a striking backdrop of cliffs, is a little slice of heaven, accessible only by sea. The water is calm and crystal-clear, the sand spotless. Overlooking the harbour, the cosy restaurant specialises in local cuisine and fish dishes – treat yourself, and have a meal to remember. At the end of the day, you’ll spot a familiar harbour on the horizon: Fethiye, our starting and finishing point. Another night in this charming market town, one last breakfast, and your tour is at an end.

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